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"The hard yards trodden" by Steve Carter

March 2019 - First published on

With constant global economic volatility, international trade wars and Brexit uncertainty, it has never been more important for leaders to plan correctly. The wealth of experienced and senior supply chain management talent that is available in the resource pool has never been greater than it is currently. However, effectively and appropriately leveraging that talent for many business leaders to address the uncertainties is seemingly not straight forward. Why is that? 

Bringing in an executive who has done the hard yards, someone who has seen it and done it before, that can make a difference based on experience, should be an obvious choice to assist in business transformation. But often it is not. 

 Imagine, as a leader, bringing in another “you” in to your business. Someone who you can stand shoulder to shoulder with and look into your world. Someone who is not burdened by the day job. Someone with no prior commitments with investors, customers or organisation. Someone, who is independent and able to integrate seamlessly with your team. Who has the ability to engage and understand perspective and ambition across your team. Who is able to step back, analyse the information, define the challenges and subsequent issues, and provide pragmatic solutions based on experience and common sense. All whilst maintaining focus on the critical velocity of your business. 

At RL Consultancy, we pride ourselves on the hard yards we have trodden in the Supply Chain as a team. Collectively, we have faced and made the tough decisions in our business careers across Retail, Logistics, Technology, Repair, Asset Management and Operations. We understand what it takes to deliver the new, the alternative and the ambition. Isn’t it time for another “you” to help you out? Call us at RL today and let’s have that first conversation about your choices